The Kinks – The Journey – Part 1


  • AÑO: 2023
  • PAÍS: Europa
  • GÉNERO: Rock & Roll
  • DESCRIPCIÓN: 2 LP | Gatefold | Incluye booklet

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Songs About Becoming A Man, The Search For Adventure, Finding An Identity And A Girl
A1 The Kinks You Really Got Me 2:13
A2 The Kinks All Day And All Of The Night 2:22
A3 The Kinks It’s All Right 2:36
A4 The Kinks Who’ll Be The Next In Line 2:01
A5 The Kinks Tired Of Waiting For You 2:31
A6 The Kinks She’s Got Everything 3:08
A7 The Kinks Just Can’t Go To Sleep 1:59
A8 The Kinks Stop Your Sobbing 2:05
A9 The Kinks Wait Till The Summer Comes Along 2:06
A10 The Kinks So Long 2:08
Songs Of Ambition Achieved, The Bitter Taste Of Success, Loss Of Friends, The Past Comes Back And Bites You In The Back-side
B1 The Kinks Dead End Street 3:23
B2 The Kinks Schooldays 3:32
B3 The Kinks The Hard Way 2:35
B4 The Kinks Mindless Child Of Motherhood 3:16
B5 The Kinks Supersonic Rocket Ship 3:29
B6 The Kinks I’m In Disgrace 3:22
B7 The Kinks Do You Remember Walter? 2:25
Days And Nights Of A Lost Soul, Songs Of Regret And Reflection Of Happier Times
C1 The Kinks Too Much On My Mind 2:28
C2 The Kinks Nothin’ In The World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ‘Bout That Girl 2:45
C3 The Kinks Days 2:53
C4 The Kinks Where Have All The Good Times Gone 2:49
C5 The Kinks Strangers 3:20
C6 The Kinks It’s Too Late 2:35
C7 The Kinks Sitting In The Midday Sun 3:45
A New Start, A New Love, But Have You Really Changed? Still Haunted By The Quest And The Girl
D1 The Kinks Waterloo Sunset 3:14
D2 The Kinks No More Looking Back 4:27
D3 Dave Davies Death Of A Clown 3:03
D4 The Kinks Celluloid Heroes 6:00
D5 The Kinks Act Nice And Gentle 2:40
D6 The Kinks This Is Where I Belong 2:25

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